Honda Civic Genio Review, and Modification Pictures

Honda Civic Genio , and images of Honda Civic Genio Modification | Honda Civic and Honda Civic Genio Estilo – Honda Civic consist of two variants namely the type sedan ( 4 door ) and hatchback ( 2 door ) . Having 4 doors known as the Honda Civic Genio whereas type 2 door Honda Civic Estilo named . In Japanese , the Genio has a sense of genius while estilo mean stylish .

Honda Civic Genio Modifications white

Honda Civic Genio who in his time had a serious rival is the Toyota Great Corolla carrying capacity of 1600 cc , 4 cylinder , SOHC , 16 valve 120 hp exertion . There are 2 kinds of transmissions offered are manual & automatic . Speifikasi is exactly the same machine that is using that Honda Civic Estilo . The highest levels of this EG Civic brings engine 1600 cc 4 cylinder 16 valve DOHC VTEC & output reaches 165 hp issued ! ! ! a performance or a standard car power is quite amazing at the time .

2014 Honda Civic Genio Modifications

The advantages of the Honda Civic Genio

Honda Civic Genio has a round indentation on the body , and not rigid aerodynamic Honda Civic Genio make is not outdated though it was old .
Character Honda makes Honda Civic Genio has a resale value / price of the good .

Honda Civic Genio Modifications black edition

Although not using technology such as VTEC Honda Civic Ferio ( after generation Civic Genio ) is quite economical fuel consumption , the city average of about 1:10 & 1:12 outside the city .

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Honda Civic Genio spare part is pretty much in the market ranging from the original to the class KW available . In healthy standard conditions and engine , Honda Civic Genio can lauched up to 180 km / h .
At the rear wheel Honda Civic Genio , is equipped with a disc so do not hesitate make that like speeding .
Honda’s double wishbone suspension typical Honda Civic Genio make it quite comfortable using that .
The interior of the car or the room , including a relief compared with its rivals .
Those who would like to step on the gas pedal , power adders doping pretty much available in the market .

The following review of the Honda Civic Genio . may be useful.


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